Where do Chocolates Come From?

“Ooohhhh…Chocolate!” Says pretty much anyone who gets close to this sweet and delightful treat.

However, why is there such a massive fuss around the chocolate? What is the big deal? What makes chocolate so unique and above other desserts?

Well, the answer is because people deemed chocolate to be the “food of the gods.”

Back in the day, chocolate was consumed as a drink with a bitter yet fulfilling taste rather than a sweet, one-bite treat.

It was in the pre-Olmec culture that the first discovery for the chocolate drink was found.

They were the first to cultivate cacao plants, which are found in the rainforest of Central America, and roasted the beans.

Said beans were then grounded into a paste and then mixed into water with honey, vanilla, and other spices.

That was the method back then in preparing to brew for a delicious chocolate drink.

Later on, it was discovered that chocolates are mood enhancers and very aphrodisiac, which led many to believe that chocolates are indeed the food of the gods because of its mystical and spiritual qualities.

Word spread of its quality, and soon everyone wanted to try chocolate because it was an honor, especially for the rich.

People most especially like about the chocolate drink was its caffeinated quality, similar to that of a coffee.

It was the Spaniards who discovered this idea, and soon enough, the rich people in Europe got hold of the chocolate drink, and they, of course, love it.

At some point, many people begin to experiment with the chocolate phenomenon.

Not wanting to limit its use to be one flavored drink, people began adding more ingredients to it, such as milk and sugar, to diffuse the bitter taste.

In the early 1600s, a coffee shop in London decided to mix the chocolate ingredient with flour and eggs. Thus, creating the first-ever chocolate cakes and cookies ever known to man.

Likewise, in a different part of the world, such as in Mexico, chocolates are made uniquely as well.

They make use of chocolate in their cuisines as well by adding chili peppers and other spices to heightened a dish’s tasty experience.

The bottom line, chocolate was discovered to be an uplifting food that everyone craves, whether it be as a status symbol or a pure mood enhancer.

Now, chocolates are used in various ways that are up to the people fortunate enough to be able to experiment with this excellent resource on what to do with it.

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