What Can We Do to Help Our Farmers? – A Look at the Current Situation in the Philippines

As of writing this article, March 30, 2020, the Philippines is still battling a great pandemic growing about all over the world—the COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organization, “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.”

The pandemic has changed and affected so many lives in three months.

Schools have closed earlier. Malls have shut down. Even some private offices have temporarily stopped their operations to cope with the situation.

Precautions are made by few to lessen the risks of being infected by the virus.

But while these steps for precautions may be a solution, let us not forget the backend people.

They are the ones helping us get through the situation, which is our farmers.

A Farmer’s Job

Despite the potential threat going around, farmers are still pushing themselves to wake up early in the morning.

They get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and off to the fields they go.

They do this every day without fail to provide for their family’s well-being and security.

As they say, “Business as usual.”

And farmers need to do their job to supply and provide enough food for the people.

Essential to the Situation

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic threat, there had been a new guideline imposed by the government.

This rule required people to refrain or stop regular working operations and keep everyone safe at home.

However, for inevitable works that cater to the food industry, such as farming, work must still remain operational.

Farmers now work on a skeletal force work system, and a strict physical distancing measure should be observed. 

The movement of agriculture supplies should remain unhindered as these are the crucial resources that are needed by a lot.

The Risks

But while movement among the supplies is not being withheld, some supplies still are not able to make it across.

Because of the Extreme Community Quarantine measure, traffic going to and from farms are slow.

Some products from the farm get wasted.

Some do not make it to the distributors on time and get rotten.

Other products are just left unharvested and or wilted.

This is due to farms lacking enough capacity to attend to all the resources at the same time.

These might be small prices to pay for the bigger picture.

But what might the effects of these be on our local farmers?

One may have to wonder about what to do next.

Small Hands for A Long Cause

As farmers, even though they are the ones planting and harvesting food to eat, they are still usually the ones who get the shortest end of the stick.

It is no surprise that most of the goods are prioritized in being delivered to commercialized areas and top-notch places.

This is why, almost consequently, farmers get the remaining bits of the crop and try to make the best of what they got.

But in this time of need, we can still be of help and support our local farmers by playing a part in the work they do.

Practice Fair Trade

At a time of emergency, the initial reaction is mostly panic.

This means that as humans, our initial reaction is to always survive first.

In buying basic necessities for ourselves, we sometimes tend to get as much of all the things necessary for us to be assured. 

But what many of us do not understand is that, while we do our best to survive, we sometimes forget the people who are the reason why we have access to those commodities, and hoard all that we need.

Since most farmers do not have the privilege of being able to buy as much, let us remember to at least save some produce for them to eat and use. 

But what is only necessary, and keep in mind the people behind the work.

Promote Local Farmers

At this time of crisis and shortage of demands, the best thing to do is to turn to local farmers in the area and get resources from them.

Promote fresh, bountiful produce from local farms, and direct people into getting their supplies only from the finest and best farms in town.

This will, in turn, help farmers keep earning for themselves, and at the same time, people would be assured of quality products.

Since we are in the age of digital technology, it is nice to be able to use your voice on those platforms and help promote the works of the local farmers in your area.

Share Some Love

At the end of the day, farmers are one of the heroes of the country as well.

Circling the world of social media today, many dubbed farmers as the backliners in the fight against the pandemic.

They are the ones who are making sure that people stay fit, healthy, and fit.

They do this by doing the necessary tasks need to keep the food coming at our table. 

The best thing we can is to show them appreciation by extending any means of help possible to them.

As stated in the first two things we can do to help, small good deeds of kindness are enough to support our local farmers. 

Farmers are simple and very humble people. 

They do not necessarily need justification, but a time like this, small credits and thank you goes a long way. 

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