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Upbuilds is a crowdfunding platform solution under the management of Matapat Na Pagtutulungan Multipurpose Cooperative that assists in raising capital for Filipino asset-back businesses that have great potential for growth and development, projects to share the benefits and risks of owning a portfolio of businesses and property assets. 

Upbuilds Crowdfunding Models

Here at Upbuilds, we created multiple crowdfunding options to give investors the flexibility in choosing which model best suits them in terms of how much investment they will put for the project.

Equity-Based Model

Involves the offer of securities

Lending-Based Model

Involves individual contributors making loans to project owners with promised interest return(s)

Reward-Based Model

Involves returns in the form of a merchandise or other non-monetary rewards to individual contributors

Donation-Based Model

Involves no returns as funds raised are in the form of donations

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Advantages Upbuilds Crowdfunding

A successful crowdfunding campaign can be easily attainable. This platform is a tool that will help make your business venture dreams become a reality with your exceptional plans and exquisite strategies.

  • Marketing Made Easy

    More and more people are openly approving the idea of crowdfunding for a project as it easier and shows great results. Customers are easier to attain through the connections your investors have thus increasing the reach of your project for no additional cost.

  • Less Risk, More Revenue

    Crowdfunding projects is a long and systematic process which enables you to pre-sell your products to individuals without having to shed out a lot of money. This system allows you to capitalize largely on your existing products and reduce financial risks.

  • Immediate Feedback

    It is inevitable that problems are bound to rise in every adventure one has. The good thing about having a crowdfunded project is that feedbacks are circulated to you immediately due to your connection which allows you to take quick action for the mistakes.

  • Cross-Sells & Upsells

    Cross-selling is a sale technique used to persuade customers in buying items that are complementary to the first products or service. Upselling is persuading customers to buy a more expensive upgraded version of the product or service. Both are equally ideal in making additional revenue by selling upgrades, and package deals.

Start Your Fundraising Campaign

Start by creating an account at Upbuilds to formally start your crowdfunding journey.

If you already have an account, click this link to login.

Create your project starting with the basic information – title, description, image, category, and location. 

See our Guideline for more information.

Set the amount needed for your project to get started and pick the end date of your crowdfunding journey.

Tells us more about your plan. If necessary, describe it in details and upload the required information.

Start sharing your fundraising project with your friends and colleges, use all possible network during your campaign duration. 

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