Love, Chocolate – Uses of Chocolate in Our Lives

Love is in the air. Isn’t it?

With Valentines’ Day just around the corner, people are bound to be rushing to the nearest supermarket to buy their loved ones a box (or maybe two won’t hurt) of sweet and luscious chocolate.

Nevertheless, what is it that makes people crave chocolate more and more with each sip or bite?

Historically, there is an allure in chocolates that makes it heavenly.

Chocolates, in whatever form it may be in, virtually burst in one’s mouth with flavors and melts one’s heart with pure joy.

That is why, in the season full of love, joy, and fulfillment, chocolate is the medium that will heighten the experience of pure bliss between lovers, friends, and family.

Reasons to Love Chocolate Even More

Now apart from it being “The World’s Food of Love,” what else is chocolate good for?

Surely with its history, people have found different means on how to incorporate the use of chocolate in their lives.

Chocolates came from cocoa seeds, which are produced from the cacao plant that came from the Theobroma Cacao Tree.

These seeds are the best sources of antioxidants which are useful to prevent damage to one’s cell and incurring illness.

Keep in mind that the type of chocolate being referred to fight against illness is the dark ones.

This is because the darker the cacao seeds are, the less fermented they are, and the natural minerals are all still intact.

It also helps that chocolates have that natural feel-good essence within its components, which makes people love it even more.

Below are some of the main reasons why people can not help but indulge in this sweet treat.

Helps You Focus

There had been a study that states that consuming sweets can make the brain function at a higher level.

This is because of the pure element called cocoa flavonoids found in chocolates, which improves brain function.

Research proves that people who take chocolates do indeed go through visible changes in attention, cognition, memory, and speed.

The flavonoids help in improving the usual mental function and form a protective role in the cardiovascular.

Strengthens Your Brain

According to research, dark chocolates shield the cells in your brain from potential threats such as damage from strokes.

Its natural components, such as the epicatechin, significantly reduces brain damage of a mouse they have found during research.

The component also proved to improve one’s memory and other mental abilities.

Good for Your Skin

Chocolates are indeed good for the skin! Dark chocolates, that is. Keep in mind.

It helps reduces acne, pimples, and breakouts. 

This is because cocoa is a source of manganese, which is useful in nutrient absorption.

And because chocolate has that natural feel-good essences in it, eating chocolate reduces stress levels, which prevents breaking of the collagens—the protein that keeps one’s skin plump and youthful.

Reduces Diseases

Going back to the idea that the darker the chocolate is, the more natural it is, and the more benefit it brings.

Intaking the cacao’s natural mineral in the immune system fight diseases better due to the extra layer of protection it gives.

Darker chocolates also contain fewer fats and sugar as most manufacturers wanted to preserve its natural taste and refrain further fermentation.

Makes one You Live Longer

There is a person named Jeanne Louise Calment, who has lived to the age of one-hundred twenty-two years (122 years old).

The secret is that she at least two and a half pounds of chocolate per week.

According to research done at Harvard University, eating chocolate adds up at most two years to your life expectancy.

With these reasons in mind, it’s no wonder that chocolate does indeed makes everyone feel loved and special.

However, of course, do not just go around and buy chocolates in every available store you see.

It is still important to eat or drink chocolate treats with caution to not let your health suffer from too many sweets.

Plus, what fun would it bring to special occasions such as Valentines, or even birthdays and Christmases, if you were always to treat yourself with a helping of a chocolatey treat?

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