The Farm Life in the Philippines

Simple yet promising. That is what the life of the farmers in the Philippines is.

One of the sustainable sources of livelihood in the Philippines is Farming.

Most of the country’s most exceptional resources, such as corn, crop, wheat, and rice, came from the beautiful lands in the Philippines. 

It’s incredible how some might think of farming as a simple job, yet it not, for it is the most critical job in the country.

If you would think about it, without these people to harvest those natural resources for us to eat, then who else would be bringing food to our table?

The Simple Life

Imagine being able to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping in your ears, or fresh breeze crawling through your skin.

These are the things farmers wake up to, and it’s in those little things that make their simple life so beautiful.

If you are someone living the busy street of an urban area, then you’d probably thought of giving up a day or two to have that kind of serenity.

People born in the rural area are fortunate enough to experience that every day. 

They wake up, have a cup coffee and some bread, make a little conversation with their peers, and if off to the fields they go.

And then when it’s time for a meal, what better way to feast than by making use of the natural resources readily available for them to use.

These may not sound as exciting to a person living in an urban community, but these are things that make the people living near the farms, lucky.

They get to work, make money from something they are passionate about, and when life gets stressful, they have the privilege of stopping for a moment, soak the fresh air in, and then start again.

The Daily Grind

People at the farm, or farmers, usually wake at the break of dawn to start their day.

To make sure they gain more significant incomes, they see to it to produce a good harvest by taking time in the curation of the resources they have.

While staying under the burning heat of the sun can be tiresome, especially after prolonged hours of standing, bending, cutting, and harvesting, experienced farmers, get unfazed by this factor.

It’s all about the passion they say. And these farmers are, of course, are fortunate enough to have access to something beautiful that also literally brings food on their table.

The idea of being the people in charge of taking care of the country’s natural resources makes farming more honorable, and the responsibility becomes bigger.

Not every day is about making income, but more than that, farming is about creating the natural resources available and turning them into something beautiful.

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