The Chocolate Business

If there is a famous hot-rod celebrity in the food industry, it would definitely be THE CHOCOLATE.

People get easily swoon by the idea of chocolates and get crazy just to get a glimpse (or taste) of the sweet treat.

Chocolate is definitely one of the most sought out food in the market. Children and elderly-alike find joy and comfort in this delectable treat.

Many believed that chocolates are very aphrodisiac, which is why a lot of people get drawn to it quickly and change their mood in a flash.

Brief History 

Chocolates are considered to be “food of the gods.”

Back in the day, only a few selected privileged people were allowed to enjoy chocolate because resources for the dessert were not as prominent as today.

Chocolates came from cacao seeds, which were first cultivated in Central America.

It was first made to be a hot chocolate drink, served only for those people that are rich or of great importance.

Later on, word spread across Europe about the delicacy, and people soon discovered more ways on how to enhance and maximize using cacao seedsespecially chocolates.

The Business

As the access to cacao seeds became more accessible, people found their love for chocolate grew and intensified.

Some people even took that love and enthusiasm into discovering ways to turn chocolate into a money-making adventure.

Venturing into the chocolate-making industry is quite simple.

While the chocolate-industry itself is a vast industry already, it does not have to be a complicated adventure.

The primary key to succeeding in the chocolate industry, of course, is knowing your niche.

If you were to start a chocolate business today, of course, you would definitely have a lot of competition. 

But what’s good about working with chocolates is that it is a very flexible ingredient to work with, which in turn allows more room for growth and development with your product.

Learn the latest trend going around the market, and find ways on how to incorporate your chocolates into the mix.

Chocolates with LoVila

Chocolates are fun and happy products. Everything about them makes you feel loved and energized. 

This is why venturing into this business should be seen with a positive outlook in mind for the visions to transpire well. 

Here at the Lovila Food Enterprises, we have local brands in which can help you start living up to your chocolate dream.

MS3 Agri-venture Corporation and Desmond Farm and Partners are two partner-industries.

We have been working closely with them in order to bring Filipinos better services when it comes to chocolate.

MS3 Chocolates, a product of MS3 Agriventures, came from the finest cacao seeds, harvested and cultivated in the beautiful land of the farmers under Desmond Farm.

Desmond farm is a sustainable agri-business investment for the production of quality cacao beans that aims to convert un-used and un-utilized agricultural land into high yielding cacao farm.

Combining the skills and abilities those brands hold, and the expertise LoVila Food Enterprises has in marketing and food industry, chocolate adventures will be a breeze. 

Click on the links above to find out more about our chocolatey products and the businesses behind it all. 

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