Sweet Treats for Mothers Day


It is that time for the year again, where our dear mothers get to rest and relax for the day without having to worry about the dirty dishes in the kitchen or what to cook for dinner.

No. It’s mothers’ day, and it is time for them to be celebrated as they have the hardest job of all people in the world.

Just imagine, being a mother is a unique kind of job that requires you to be on your feet twenty-hours a day for seven days a week. (And to think that there are three hundred and sixty-five days in a year! Phew!)

In retrospect, being a mother is hard.

It is incredible how our mothers can hold so much love and patience in their being, given that they are just humans.

The Treat

This is why we at LoVila Food Enterprises raise a glass to all mothers out there and celebrate this beautiful day dedicated solely to them.

As a special treat, LoVila is proud to offer a wide range of products for your moms to make the day extra.

Start by preparing a bountiful meal by ordering one of the best boneless lechons in town, Esting’s Boneless Bellychon, choosing from the classic flavors down to unique ones.

Top it off with a tasty and delicious dessert that is sure to be mom-approved with our carefully crafted chocolate bars and tea chocolates from the list of MS3 Chocolates under MS3 Agri-ventures.

You may also check out the LoVila Food Enterprises’ main page to find out which type of local food or cuisines our mothers are craving for on this special day.

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