Enjoy Eating Chocolate

Even If You're on Diet

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MS3 Agri-Ventures is a sustainable agri-business that aims to propagate, protect, and promote the best cacao products in our country by providing cacao beans that came from the richest soils in Mindanao.

MS3's Healthy and Organic Chocolates

MS3’s cacao are very high in nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and iron. These factors alone are enough reasons on why one should consider including cacao into their diets. For people who are leading a healthy life, eating cacao is a great balance for their diet.

Absolutely Nutritious

chocolates contains minerals that are good for the body if chosen to eat with moderation

Strengthens the Brain

chocolates have natural components that reduces brain damage and improve mental abilities

Helps you Focus

consuming sweets can make the brain function at a higher level

Good for the Skin

chocolates carry natural feel-good essences that is why eating chocolate reduces stress levels

Reduces Diseases

in-taking the cacao’s natural mineral in your immune system helps fight diseases better

Longer Life

chocolates make everyone feel loved and special. And as they say happy life = longer life.

MS3 Handpicked Chocolate Choices

Dark Choco (75%) with Coco Sugar 50g

Bon Choc (50%) with Cashew & Coffee Granules 50g

Cacao Tablet "Tablea" (100% Dark Chocolate) 150g

Cacao Granules Tea - Chocolate Tea 28g (10 x 28g)

The Chocolatey Buzz

Check out the latest buzz, and trends about the sweet dessert you love, CHOCOLATE.
Feed your brain with the history behind the delicious treat and learn the secret tips and tricks we use for a sweeter and CHOCOLATEY-ER life!

People get easily swoon by the idea of chocolates and get crazy just to get a glimpse (or taste) of the sweet treat. Chocolate is definitely one of the most sought out food in the market. Children and elderly-alike find joy and comfort in this delectable treat.

MS3 Chocolates are built on the idea that people are now seeking to be healthier. But one one still craves sweets that are found in the form of chocolate.

MS3 Choco’s are made from all-natural resources gathered from the most beautiful lands in the Davao.

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