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Sulit Sarap ang Lasa Kahit Walang Sarsa! Siguradong Uulit Ka!

LoVila Lechon is a caramelized roasted pork (lechon), made only from the freshest native pigs in the humble town of San Mateo, Rizal. The difference with this lechon is that all the flavorful goodness is dedicated to its skin. It takes a great effort in curating ingredients that will keep the pig’s skin crisp and golden. As for the meat, only the best herbs are used in marinating it, making sure that every inch of the lechon remains flavorful.

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Native Lechon

LoVila Lechon takes pride in the lechons they roast because these are made from purely native pigs. It had been a common practice to use commercialized pigs in the roasting industry. Still, local farmers are slowly adapting and opening to the idea of using native pigs as their primary source of the ingredient.

The procedure in taking care of a native pig is all-natural. Farmers who raise native pigs are confident in bringing their home-grown, roasted pigs to anyone’s table because these pigs are the ones that are less likely to be prone to common swine diseases that can be seen most commercial ones.

In turn, this gives farmers a great deal as sales and income returns in raising the pigs alone are quite high.

Farm Raised Native Pigs

Native pigs are raised in an open farm, where they are free to run as they want and be relieved from stress. This is very important, as being raised in an open and free environment helps the pigs reproduce easily.

Farmers are exceptionally pleased with raising native pigs because they are low in capital and maintenance of a group of swine is not as tedious and complicated to the commercial method.

All Natural Food Source

The feeds used for the pigs are all-natural and additives-free as well. Most farmers use local feed sources within their town, such as sweet potato, banana leaves, and rice. This ensures that no chemicals are added to the pigs during their growth and development.

Taste of Lechon

LoVila Lechon formally started in the year 2019. The dream of being able to produce the best lechon in town quickly turned into a reality, with their combined skills and ample amount of resources.

LoVila Lechon was created so that Filipinos may enjoy authentic native pigs that are flavorful and rich in spices. They wanted to highlight the best parts of the pig, and present it in a way that people will surely love. 

It is not uncommon how people fear eating lechon because of the health risks it brings. However, LoVila Food Enterprises wanted to ensure people that it is okay to enjoy roasted pigs while staying fit and healthy by keeping their resources always fresh and natural.

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