Lechon: The Star of the Filipino Christmas Feast

The Christmas Eve Feast (or Noche Buena) is a traditional celebration amongst the Filipinos notable on the twenty-fourth day of December.

It is the Christmas feast celebration held at the break of dawn where families gather over beautiful dishes.

Filipinos carefully plan and prepare for the grand feast weeks — some even months before Noche Buena.

It is a known fact that Filipinos love to eat, especially for holidays and celebrations.

That is why the Christmas season is by far the grandest and longest celebration in the Philippines.

They get to bring the love and dedication they have right to their table through the food they spent months in preparing.

One of the essential food in every Filipino’s Christmas table is the roasted pork or Lechon.

Dubbed as the Filipinos’ national dish, bringing Lechon into the table makes the celebration more valued and enjoyable.

It symbolizes the importance and bond of gathering the family around for the occasion. 

To sum it up, here are four main reasons why lechons are always part of the Filipino Noche Buena.


Special events and holidays always deserve a Lechon or two. Christmas is one of those holidays that deserve a special dish. It is a time of love and celebration, and serving a well thought of dish is just the way to go.


It is no doubt that the well-curated ingredients and careful preparation made onto the roasting of single pork.

Brings everyone together

Everybody loves to eat. The Filipinos? Definitely.

Whenever there is a gathering, most of the time, friends and family would be found laughing and chattering over food.

What better dish to spend the moment than over a hot freshly cooked juicy and delectable Lechon.

Food Transformation

The best part of having a Lechon is when there’s a lot of leftovers to take home.

There are a lot of possible dishes to conjure from the delicious meat you have left, such as the famous Lechon paksiw, sisig, and fried Lechon.

As a result, more people became bolder in their dishes by adding the Lechon into typical everyday food such as sinigang, pancit, and spaghetti,

It is all up to your imagination on how you can be creative with your dishes through bits of Lechon.

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