Food Tradition in the Philippines

It is a well-known fact that Filipinos love to eat. 

Naturally, Filipinos are very hospitable, especially when it comes to entertaining and welcoming guests.

They are very generous in making sure everybody has something to eat once inside their home. 

It is safe to say that food is the basis for their social life as food is the thing that binds them together. 

Filipinos would occasionally just gather and prepare simple dishes that they can feast over while catching up with one another. 

It does not matter there is a big occasion to celebrate or just a simple gathering, Filipinos will offer you food, and you’d always be glad to have had the opportunity to try Filipino cuisine.

The Meat Lovers

One of the most common dishes served at a Filipino table is meat dishes.

It is evident that most Filipinos are carnivores. (people who are meat-eaters)

That is why most of the cuisine here in the Philippines are mostly under the meat category. 

Beef, pork, and chicken are the main stars that people play within creating a delicious meal.

One thing you should remember in serving a Filipino dish is that it must be best paired with rice.

Sure some dishes do not require rice such as the pancit canton or lugaw, but the best way to a Filipino’s heart, as they say, is by serving them hot rice.

Here at LoVila Food Enterprises, we take into account the ideas and concepts of dishes that will appeal to the Filipino palette.

That is the reason why most of the company’s crafted meals that are familiar but at the same time reasonably unique as well. 

Filipino meals are traditionally always fun. It is the time wherein friends and family gather to talk and laugh about anything and everything. The best thing about it is the delicious well-thought-of meals they eat when they gather.

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