A Nod to All Fathers – A Father’s Day Tribute

Dad. Daddy. Papa. Father. Tatay. 

Whatever they may be called, one thing remains the same: fathers are the rock of our family, and without them, no foundation will be built for the family. 

Fathers mean the world to the family, and without them, there are no beginnings for each individual.

Fathers are, of course, one of the leading builders of a family. 

Hand-in-hand with their partners, our mothers, they strive for the best no matter what happens.

Robust as they may seem at the time, but that is only because their sternness is the one that teaches us, their children, how to be strong and face the world with our heads up high. 

There are times we may understand our fathers because of the principles they uphold, but trust them that there are reasons as to why they do what they do.

Remember, our dad only wants what best for their children, and they would never do anything that would result in our downfall. 

Fathers Days Promo

As a special offer for all fathers out there, especially our dear superhero frontliner dads, LoVila Food Enterprises, and Esting’s Bellychon – Maginhawa have prepared a special feast for them. 

Given that upon writing this article, the world is still under crisis due to the pandemic we are facing, but it doesn’t stop us from letting our dads know how much we appreciate them.

Here at LoVila, we value our dads so much that we understand what it is that needs. 

After much preparation, we were able to come up with a Fathers’ Day Special (FDS) to celebrate this special day.

Listed below are the menu set we have carefully prepared for you to enjoy.

Fathers Day Special Promo
Celebrate Fathers’ Day with Esting’s Bellychon Special Promo

FDS Promo A:

 1 Order of SMALL size Cebu chon – Php 1,320.00 

with FREE Dinuguan chon or Tokwa chon worth Php 175.00

FDS Promo B:

 1 Order of MEDIUM size Cebu chon – Php 2,420.00 

with FREE one whole Roasted Rosemary Chicken worth Php.335

FDS Promo Pack A:

 1 Small Bilao Pancit chon + 1 Whole Roasted Rosemary Chicken + 500grms Cebu chon – Php 1,160.00 

with FREE Tokwa chon worth Php.175

FDS Promo Pack B:

 1 kg. Cebu chon + 1 Spaghetti chon + 1 Karekare chon – Php 1,460.00

 with FREE one half Roasted Rosemary Chicken worth Php.180

This promo is not applicable with other discounts and shall be used for FDS only.

But of course, if you are craving for just a single bellychon or maybe Esting’s other food items, the store still caters to its other ala carte menus.


Due to the circumstances, rules, and regulations we are all under right, we must comply and utilize what we have for the situation. 

Currently, we suggest ordering your food online through the messenger icon below or through Facebook and book your orders in advance to avoid the tirade of orders come the actual day. 

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