Esting’s on Food Panda

In a world where everything’s now fast, quick, and comfortable, people are finding more ways to keep up with the changes.

Technology – One of the greatest inventions that have been ever created.

Through this invention, people are now able to talk to people across the globe, buy clothes from the comforts of their homes, and even have their favorite foods delivered right at their doorsteps.

While the concept of having food from local restaurants be delivered is not a new thing, a new online marketplace was created to be a server dedicated solely to food canvasing.

One of the most popular online food marketplaces around is Food Panda. Available on the internet and mobile phones both for Android and IOS users.

Food Panda covers menu from local restaurants around the country, and have access to a different type of food to satisfy your cravings.

In line with such technology, Esting’s Bellychon-Maginhawa is now available through the said platform.

Enjoy freshly cooked juicy and crispy boneless lechon (bellychon) at any time of the day, even without setting a foot outside.

Download the Food Panda mobile application on your phone and search for Esting’s Bellychon – Maginhawa.

The application’s server will then connect to a page containing the menu, and with a few clicks, your orders will be sent directly to the restaurant.

Once prepared, a dispatcher will be ready to pick up the food and be delivered them right to your doorsteps.

Easy, right?

So the next time you are craving for quick lechon fix, hop onto the Food Panda website or mobile application and get ready to eat some juicy and crispy boneless lechon.

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