Cacao Farming – Desmond Farms and Partners, Inc.

Desmond Farms and Partners, Inc. (Desmond Inc.) is one of the premium agricultural companies in the Philippines that is adept to cacao farming

It is also one of the pioneer farms that produce the most beautiful crops in the Philippines. 

They are home to producing one of the finest cacaos in the country and are known to have good cacao farming systems. 

To date, there had been a significant demand for cacao beans, both locally and internationally.

This, in turn, made the product a highly profitable product in the market, which encourages farmers and investors to engage in cacao farming. 

These made huge boosts in returns of investments as the probability rate of sale is very high. 


The best time to start cacao farming is usually around the end of the rainy season going on to the first months of the dry season.

Around that time, cacao beans are almost already at it’s finest stage which makes it available for harvest.

It takes at least five to six months for the cacao pods to ripen and reach its fullest potential.

This, of course, varies depending on various situations. 

The first thing to consider is, of course, the climatic conditions in the Philippines. 

While it is ideal that cacao beans should be harvested during the dry season, multiple unpredictable changes in the weather affect its growth and development. 

Desmond Inc. proudly homes many diligent and highly-trained farmers that ensure quality cacaos.

They are taught necessary skills that required to foresee the factors of a good cacao harvest, as well as how to make them.


Desmond Inc. partnered up with an organization called Farm Ridge, who is solely responsible for the Marketing and Sales of the company.

The process of cacao farming goes as follows: Desmond Inc. is the one to provide all the produce and man-power while Farm Ridge is the one in charge of making sure that sales and quotas are being met.

The partnership works as this process ensures Desmond Farms and Partners Inc. that produce will be harvested on time and crops will not be wasted. 

Typically, the usual set up for a company in terms of raising the numbers for their Sales and Marketing is internal. 

But the good thing about partnering with Farm Ridge is that both companies have affiliated clients and brands under them, which in return broadens the scope for their network drastically.

This also allows them to partner up with other businesses in the industry, such as a company called MS3 Agri-ventures Corp


Due to the large scoop of service Desmond Inc. can do, they had been able to produce many products under their name, alongside various companies.

One of their most highlighted products produced is the MS3 Chocolates. 

Cacao Bean, Cacao Farming
Demond Farm and Partners Inc., Cacao Farming

Said chocolates were made purely from the most precious cacao beans that came from the most beautiful lands own by Desmond Inc. 

While MS3 Agri-ventures have already existing chocolate products before, Desmond Inc. has made it a point to be the premier supplier of their chocolates here in the Philippines.

To date, Desmond Inc. continues to grow with MS3 Agri-ventures as they develop more healthy chocolate products which are slowly being loved by many Filipinos.

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