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Desmond Farm & Partners

Desmond Farm is a sustainable agri-business in Nueva Ecija for the production of quality cacao beans that aims to convert our un-used and un-utilized agricultural land into high yielding cacao farm. Started off with only a few farmers involved in a dream of being able to facilitate enough materials for their farms.

Desmond Farm & Partners Cacao Produce

Through hard-work, perseverance, and determination, Desmond Farm and Partners Inc. is able to produce world-class award-winning cacao products which have immediately hit the markets, and are being loved by kids and adults alike.

Dark Choco (75%) with Coco Sugar 50g


Bon Choc (50%) with Cashew & Coffee Granules 50g


Cacao Tablet "Tablea" (100% Dark Choco) 150g


Cacao Granules Tea - Chocolate Tea 28g (10 x 28g)


100% Local Cacao Products

The best thing about Desmond Farms is that our products are purely and truly Filipino. Made with the finest cacao seeds found on the finest land in Nueva Ecija to ensure quality before and after production. Carefully harvested and produced with the notion of making it known to the world that CACAOs are the next big thing to hit the country and it shall be revolutionary.

What We Do at Desmond Farm & Partners

Soil Mixing for Potting & Seed Preparation

In order to continuously keep your land healthy, one must remember to do all the necessary preparations needed to maintain a healthy  land for the plants to live on. 

Seedling Development and Grafting

This procedure must be done with extra caution as it crucial that each restriction for the germination to work must be met so that the seedlings will develop properlu.

Farm Development, Field Planting & Pruning

Mapping / development of the land with various resources to guarantee the fruitful progress of the land, alongside its crops and harvest, and keeping a healthy landscape.

Fertilization, Wrapping of Pods and Spraying

Regular technique practiced and implemented by our farmers, set to be executed with highest care for the plants and output of the project being made.

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