MS3 Chocolates – How it Differs from the Rest

A Background

MS3 Chocolates are products cultivated and processed by MS3 Agri-ventures, a sustainable agri-business that aims to promote, protect, and propagate the best cacao products in our country.

These products are made from carefully handpicked cacao beans from the most fertile soils in Mindanao.

What’s great about these products is that people are assured of its quality and that it is all-natural.

MS3 Chocolates are built on the idea that people are now seeking to be healthier each day. 

But one cannot deny that every once in a while, one still craves sweet luscious desserts that are found in the form of chocolate.

Combining the idea of health and dessert, MS3 Chocolates was made to be a sweet treat that will not make you feel guilty with each bite.

Not only does it appeal to elders and health-conscious buyers, but chocolate-enthusiasts also approve MS3 Chocolates due to the products’ taste and appeal.

Coco Sugar

MS3 Agri-ventures takes pride in the products they make, especially the MS3 chocolates, as these are made from fresh Coconut Sugar.

Unlike world-renowned chocolate brands, MS3 Chocolates’ niche is being able to be a sweet treat that is delectable and, at the same time, healthier option.

Coconut sugars came from the coconut palm tree, which was now dubbed by many as a more nutritious.

Contrary to popular belief, coconut sugars are quite tasty and have unique flavors.

Coconut sugars may seem an unlikely option to be paired with sweets because its all-natural, but it also precisely because of that reason that makes it more flavorful.

This is an essential factor in making MS3 Chocolate as this enables the products to be more flexible in terms of usage and consumption.

HALAL Certification

With that in mind, given the excellent reputation MS3 Chocolates have demonstrated, the products have gradually gained multiple awards and accreditation.

By far, the most significant achievement MS3 Chocolate is being a HALAL Certification.

HALAL must recognize a product as it determines the authenticity and credibility of a brand.

HALAL Certification also gives a product the ‘approval’ of being sold anywhere freely as it goes to show that the products have been screen by HALAL and is ready for consumption.

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