MS3 Chocolate Farming – The Chocolate Process

MS3 Agri-ventures is the leading company that brought about the delicious products of MS3 Chocolates. 

These products are made from all-natural resources gathered from the most beautiful lands in the country.

Carefully picked and harvested, MS3 Chocolate can only be done through proper care and production, especially of its main ingredients, the Cacao.


The main goal has always been to produce healthy yet flavorful treats that many people will enjoy.

MS3 Chocolates will be the brand that will redefine the meaning of chocolate. 

It will be known as the trendiest chocolate there is, both for chocolate-lovers and healthy-enthusiasts.

To do so, they have to make sure that their resources are set and up to par with high quality and standards. 

It is not enough for the systems and management of the products on their own.

The company went out and made collaborations with different companies that can help out with their cause and likewise be beneficial still for the other party.

Partnering up with the some of the best and skilled names in the industry such as LoVila Food Enterprises (LoVila), and Desmond Farm and Partners Inc. (Demond Inc.), MS3 Agri-ventures have some made systematic approach toward making and producing chocolates.

Chocolates made from the freshest cacao beans
Chocolates made from the freshest Cacao Beans

Cacao Farming

MS3 Agri-ventures has partnered with a company called Desmond Farms and Partners Inc. to come up with better solutions in terms of materializing cacaos for the chocolate products.

The concept is quite simple.

Desmond will be in charge of the man-power for planting, cropping, and harvesting of said cacaos. 

MS3, on the other hand, will be in charge of overseeing the overall production of the chocolates, making sure that the raw ingredients are up to par with what is needed. 

In a way, Desmond Inc. is the backbone of MS3 in terms of resources. 

As mentioned in previous articles, Desmond Inc. serves in catering Cacao Farming the best.

Desmond Inc. was able to develop systemic approaches that allow them to produce quality cacao beans, which will always be ready to use.

The partnership was formed solely to utilize each company’s capacity, and it had been a great relationship since.

MS3 was able to make more chocolates, while Desmond Inc. maximized its land and man-power capacities.


Throwing another company to the mix of the partnership for the MS3 Chocolate, LoVila Food Enterprises became the head of the marketing department. 

As stated in the company’s mission and vision, LoVila aims to be a company that partners can rely on in making sure that the business will grow and prosper. 

Currently, LoVila has taken MS3 under their wing in making sure that MS3 Chocolates will be known. 

Little by little, MS3 chocolates are slowly growing in numbers and are being introduced in the markets. 

LoVila is making sure that the marketing of the products remains the first priority for the products.

It is not enough that people hear about the product, they should be given enough knowledge about the product and why it stands out from other chocolate bars.

Quality All-Natural and Healthy Chocolates
Quality All-Natural and Healthy Chocolates


While the products are slowly growing in numbers, most of them are being sold online or through its partner companies. 

However, some chocolate bars have made it already in commercialized stands. 

One of the most popular stores to get MS3 Chocolates is the Kultura. 

Kultura is a local Filipino shop that supports handmade products by the locals. 

This is an ideal avenue for MS3 Chocolate as Kultura is a popular stop for people wanting to buy gifts or “pasalubong” to their relatives abroad. 

However, if there are no Kultura shops near your area, you can always message us here at LoVila for your orders, and we’ll be glad to make arrangements for you regarding its pick up or delivery. 

You may also find MS3 Chocolate products available at our store in Maginhawa, Quezon City.

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