Tasty & Healthy Carabao's Milk

Together with Your Daily Diet

Magdalena Dairy

A new, healthy, and exciting delicious milk drink has landed in the heart of Maginhawa. Made from the freshest ingredients found in the highest mountains and greenest lands in Laguna City. Overflowing with sweetness that will surely touch and excite your palette due to the burst of flavors it brings.

Magdalena Dairy Produce

Made from the freshest milk, gathered from the healthiest buffalo in town. These milks are purely 100% natural, with no artificial flavorings and additives included in its flavorful goodness. Crafted with equal care and delicacy so that everyone in the family, kids, and kids at hearts will surely love and enjoy it anytime and anywhere!

Blueberry Yogurt Drink

Strawberry Yogurt Drink

Pasteurized Milk

Carabao Choco Milk

Healthy Dairy Diet

Milk is part of the essential food diet one must have in their system in order to stay fit and healthy. Magdalene Dairy takes pride in ensuring that their milk products will be part of any person’s daily routine due to its nutrition value and taste.

Delicious Milk for Everybody

Magdalena Dairy products are made for kids and kids-alike to enjoy.  Carabao’s Milk(Gatas ng Kalabaw) is produced in order to make sure that people maintain a good health. That is why Magdalene Dairy products are created to suit each generation’s palette for them to enjoy.

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