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The idea behind creating the company LoVila is to bring brands closer to people in a more effective way, by being a platform where sellers can connect easily with their consumers, and provide quality products that are unique to the masses.

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About LoVila's Business

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100% Locally Made Products

It is more fun in the Philippines indeed as the finest crops and freshest ingredients are found in the country. We are beyond blessed to have been given a chance to gain access to these beautiful natural resources and turn them into something unique and memorable.

From gathering our supplies, feeding hogs, maintaining farms, cacao farming, down to getting a visit from our food enthusiast buddies (clients and partners), we make sure that your experience with us is memorable, worry-free, one-of-a-kind, and truly outstanding.

As purely home-grown Filipinos, our ultimate goal is to bring pride to the Filipino name through the products that we do. The agricultural industry of the country is a vast yet beautiful business that have yet to been fully explored. There are so much potential in the Philippines, and we plan to make sure that every nook and cranny will be to its best and ultimate form.

Core Values

To business and beyond.


We believe that honesty is the most important quality in human character that helps build successful developments and relationships.

Hard Work

Work is the effort you put in completing a task, through hard work, perseverance, and determination, we are able to bring out the best in what we do.


We are committed to being truly sincere and straightforward in all our way in order for us to provide real service to our customers.


As we do our job, we promise to always show a hundred percent of our total devotion to the tasks at hand and dedicate it all for the our customers.


We present ourselves to our customers with great enthusiasm and professionalism to show that quality will always be served to them.


Part of our job is to connect with people, which is why we at LoVila value more the relationship we gain in meeting customer over anything else.

Only The Best Products

Our pride goes to the products under our name. These brands are the ones that we groomed and develop to be industry-worthy.

Our products have all undergone quality management and kept under top-grade conditions.

Here are some of the brands that we currently hone and carry:

These are the products that we, at LoVila, hope will bring smiles to your faces and help you understand the bigger idea  we have pictured in mind behind these projects.

LoVila in Every Occasion

Here at LoVila Food Enterprises, we make sure to utilize only the best and all-natural resources from various industries to provide exceptional services to our customers.

Because we are a one-stop multi-industry company, we made sure that we have all the materials and resources we need before offering our services to our clients.

We want our clients to trust us in providing the supplies they need for their event or project, and no longer undergo the tedious route of hiring different service provider anymore.

That is why we are seeking to fill in different aspects related to the food industry and even industries outside our fields to make sure that customers and clients will be happy.  

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